COVID-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory Notice

COVID-19 Travel Advisory Notice

COVID-19 pandemic.
Updated as of 1st Feb 2022

Most countries are now permitted to come to Sri Lanka.  Please check with your Country of origin on whether you are permitted to travel and what border restrictions are in place.
Cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) are fairly low in Sri Lanka (including the Delta variant) and daily cases are approx 1,000.  The Sri Lankan Government are taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus. You should comply with screening measures put in place by the authorities and airlines.
Tourists are allowed to visit sites and travel around the country.

Entry and Visas.
Flights to Sri Lanka are now permitted. If you are wishing to visit Sri Lanka there are certain restrictions (a certain number of PCR tests, Insurance and staying at a Level 1 hotel for certain travellers)  For all the information you require please see below:-
Visas are for 30 days and are available at
See above links and your Travel agent to obtain the correct information.

Hotel bookings.
Fully Vaccinated travellers can stay at any type of accommodation and no on-arrival PCR test required.
Not-Vaccinated travellers can still have a great time under the protection of the Tourism Bio Bubble for a duration of 7 nights/8 days in a Level 1 Hotel.
​Mask wearing and social distancing will still be in place when you are travelling around and visiting various places.  A list of Level 1 hotels are available below and you can book with them directly or via your travel agent

Local measures.
Social distancing and mask wearing in public remain in force and those not adhering to the restrictions risk arrest.  Temperature checks and hand sanitizing stations are at many supermarkets/banks/shops etc.
Speak to your travel agent for the latest information, and follow the instructions of the security forces should it be required.

Further information.
Information on coronavirus is available from Public Health England and the WHO website
You can find more information about cases in Sri Lanka on ​