Guide to Buying a Filter Water Bottle for Travel

Guide to Buying a Filter Water Bottle for Travel – How to be an Eco-Friendly Traveller

We’re all getting more conscious of our carbon footprint and it’s fair to say that the majority of people are now starting to think about ways to be more eco-friendly. The damage to our oceans from single use plastics has gone to levels that we could never imagine and we need to do something about it. 

Unfortunately, we’re also all guilty of buying bottles of water when we’re hot and on the go, but if you’re more organised, you can do your bit to stop our oceans wildlife being killed and destroyed. Due to poor infrastructure and lack of proper funding and education, many developing countries are still throwing plastics into landfills and most of it is ending up in the ocean. But why are we contributing to this when we know that it’s wrong and the results of our selfish actions? It’s harsh but unfortunately, it’s true. We live in a world and society where we basically get what we want, when we want it and we don’t often think about the long term effects or our demand for convenience. 

Fortunately, we can make changes to contribute to saving our planet and buying a filter water travel bottle is a great place to start. Refillable, filter water bottles are easy on your pocket and the environment.

Sunny Sri Lanka requires you to hydrate often, especially when you go on excursions. At Sea Heart House, we provide you with access to plenty of safe and refreshing water. All you have to do is, fill your travel bottle and be on your way for the day. But, it is not always practical to carry enough water to last you an entire day. Hence, we put together this helpful guide to buying your filter water bottle. 

Let’s get cracking.

Choosing the Best Filter Water Bottle for Travelling

What about the Quality of Your Filter Water Bottle for Travel?

There are three different qualities of filter water bottles. The basic filter travel bottle simply removes harmless minerals that affect the taste. Your water will taste just fine but you’ll probably get a mouthful of bacteria and viruses with each sip. 

Medium quality water bottles are good for hiking in the wilderness far from the human population. Medium quality filters remove parasites, bacteria and protozoa (single-celled eukaryotes). You don’t need strong purifiers in the wild as viruses rarely survive in such environments. 

But, having said that, we highly recommend that you invest in a high quality water purifier in this day and age. High quality purifiers can remove viruses as well as other particles, parasites and bacteria.

What Different Types of Water Filter are there?


Filters to come in different types. Straw filters come with a removable (most often) straw and a mouthpiece out for which you can drink water. Admittedly, sucking water out of a straw filter takes some effort. Gravity filters come with in-built reservoirs and water drips through the filter slowly. The process is slow but you can filter plenty of water with little effort using these. Unlike gravity filters which allow physics to do the filtering, squeeze filters require you to squeeze the water. Pump filters as the name suggests allow you to pump water through the filter.

What about the Safety and Durability of your Filter Water Bottle? 

Go for Non-toxic Material 

Your best bet would be to go for a bottle made of food grade material. Think silicone, glass or metal. But, if you are going to buy a plastic travel bottle, find a BPA-free version from a reputed brand.

Durability and Capacity

Your travel bottle will probably take a bit of beating. After all, you can’t be bothered about your water bottle while navigating a rocky path to a waterfall or hiking through a forest. We would not rule out glass bottles altogether though. Some glass bottles come with a protective covering to withstand even falls. You’ll also need to consider the weight of the bottle and its capacity. Metal water bottles are great in terms of durability but they can add extra weight to your carefree journeys.

Happy travels and stay hydrated!