Going Whale Watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka South Coast Day Trips – Going Whale Watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka

Are you thinking of exploring Sri Lanka once everything settles down? How about going whale watching off the coast of Mirissa, Sri Lanka?  

Where can you see whales in Sri Lanka?

Mirissa is the obvious choice. You can go whale watching in Kalpitiya too, but you are more likely to see lots of adorable dolphins out in the seas near Mirissa. We prefer Mirissa with its abundance of plankton to entice whales to stick around. The high season to catch glimpses of these monarchs of the sea last from November to April.

Choosing a Company

Note how we emphasized on the word ‘responsible’ in the beginning? Not all whale watching companies care about whales in Mirissa. Some even promise to provide you an up close and personal view of whales. This is a bad idea. Too close a proximity to humans is going to stress any whale out, by a lot. It is up to you to choose a responsible/ethical company and also rely on the art of patience when going whale watching. You will need a lot of it.

How to Spot a Whale

Keep your eyes on the lull of the ocean. The moment you spot a squirt of water spouting forth from the waters, your heart will miss a beat. That is the first sign of a whale. These plumes of water can look like puffs of smoke from ‘puff’ the mighty dragon from a distance.

Keep Watching.

Whales will most probably stay on the surface, dipping in and out of water to breathe in and out. This is how they get ready for that long dive to forage under water. Then, they take one long, deep breath and dive into the depths of the ocean in a spectacular fashion.

 All the patience in the world is worth that moment. Keep your camera ready.

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