Rent a Villa in Sri Lanka

Rent a Villa in Sri Lanka

 3 Reasons to Rent a Villa Rather Than a Hotel

Sri Lanka is quickly becoming one of the most visited countries by tourists all around the world. While there may be a plethora of hotels to stay in, here are 3 reasons why renting a villa is considerably better than staying at a hotel. 

3 Reasons to Rent a Villa

  • Privacy all to yourself 
  • Your mob of friends or family 
  • A unique experience 

A lot of us are realising the fact that living at a villa over the duration of your stay in Sri Lanka is significantly more enjoyable than staying at a hotel. A hotel may have its luxuries and conveniences, it may not be as fun as having a huge place all for yourself, your friends and family. 


Although you might find peace and quiet in the confines of your room, it is almost nothing when compared to the villa. An enormous space to walk around, kids to run around, rooms of your preference and without causing disturbances to your neighbours you might have if you stayed at a hotel. 

Room for More

Hotels usually accommodate an established number of people in a particular room. This may differ with the size of room or the amenities of a hotel. Whereas, Villas in Sri Lanka accommodate any number of people. The villas could easily house two people or twenty people. 

The Experience

If you are looking for an experience different from every other vacation you’ve had, living in a villa for a couple of days would definitely do that. It might be unconventional, but, it is absolutely worth it. The best part is that it costs just about the same as what you would pay to a hotel. 

These reasons are more than enough to be convinced that a villa is considerably better than any hotel out there.

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