Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Discover the Southern Region of Sri Lanka

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is renowned for its beautiful beaches. But the region has so much more to offer. The South is home to rich rainforests, national parks, and cultural sites and of course some of the best villas in Sri Lanka, making a great place for family holiday, couples escapes and solo adventure travellers.

Things to do in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka

  • Kanneliya forest
  • Bundala national park
  • Handunugoda Tea Estate

Kanneliya Rainforest

Located deep within Galle, Kanneliya forest divides the two major rivers in the South. The forest itself is filled with natural pools, waterfalls, and many small brooks. A considerable number of endemic flora and fauna thrive in this rich environment. If you’ve been lucky enough to book one of the best villas in Sri Lanka that exist in Galle, hire a vehicle to take you to Kanneliya forest for a day trip away from the beach. It would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the rainforest. The area is ideal for a hike across the woods or a bird watching trip.

Bundala National Park

Bundala National park is scattered with lagoons, dunes and many waterways. A handful (compared to Yala) elephants and numerous bird species call this park home.  The best time to visit the Bundala national park is between December to March. You’ll be able to spot flocks of pink tinged flamingos who call Bundala their winter home as well as other vibrant birds. Giant squirrels and civets go about their daily lives in peace at the park while crocodiles like to laze on rocks in the afternoon.

Handunugoda Tea Estate

Visit the Handungoda tea estate to walk amidst a sea of pleasantly green tea bushes and end your tour with a cup of complimentary tea and a piece of cake. You can sample over 25 varieties of tea at the estate. The estate’s virgin white tea, plucked carefully with scissors while wearing gloves are rather famous.  Virgin white tea is a little on the expensive side but you can choose from plenty of other varieties including flavoured tea.