Foods to try in Sri Lanka

Foods to try in Sri Lanka

Perhaps the second best thing about the island of Sri Lanka is its flavourful and spicy dishes. You may be looking for villas for rent in Koggala Lake, but where ever you decide to call home, during your stay, make sure to try the local dishes. From sour fish to coconut relish, Sri Lankan cuisine will have you licking your fingers. Here is our pick of some must try dishes.

Ambul Thiyal and Kukul Mas Curry

Ambul thiyal is a sour fish preparation, made with tuna cooked in spices simmered to a dry curry. Kukul mas is chicken curry, there are many variations of this dish which is made with thick gravy by adding coconut milk. The curries go well with rice, string hoppers or roti. Especially after a packed day of things to do in Koggala, Sri Lanka, it makes for the perfect way to end an evening with loved ones.


Dhal, or lentil, curry, is a staple dish in any Sri Lankan home. Whether at lunch or dinner don’t be surprised if Villas For Rent in Koggala Lake come with in-house chefs that serve up the staple even for breakfast. Dhal will go well with anything from rice to bread, no wonder its one of the must try items on our list.

Kottu, Appa and Indi Appa

Kottu is prepared with two blades chopping and combining a gothamba roti, precooked meat, carrots, leaks over a hot surface. Appa (hoppers) is a crispy, bowl-shaped pancake eaten with lunumiris – mashed onions and chili. Indi appa, or string hoppers, is fine noodle disks, made of steamed dough. This requires a gravy, usually a kiri hodi – either fish or potatoes cooked in coconut milk. Of all the things to do in Koggala Sri Lanka, indulging in the local food is about the best way to experience the culture on the island.

Kiribath and Lamprais

Kiribath or known among locals as milk rice, is made usually for breakfast and on special occasions. It’s eaten with lunumiris or something sweet, like jaggery.  Lamprais is a combination of rice (cooked in meat stock) steamed in a banana leaf, with mixed meat (pork, mutton, beef) curry, frikkadels, blachan, and either ash plantain or brinjals.  Lamprais is a Dutch influenced dish that has evolved with the local cuisine and you can’t leave the island without finishing a banana leaf wrapped pack.

Wambatu Moju and Polos

Wambatu moju is an eggplant pickle. Small pieces are deep fried and caramelized with sugar, vinegar, onions, chilies. Polos, is a young jackfruit curry where bite-sized chunks are cooked with spices in coconut milk. The Polos curry is best eaten with rice and is absolutely delicious.

Gotukola and Pol Sambol

Gotu kola is a type of local leaf that is shredded, then combined with shallots, grated coconut and chili, seasoned with salt and lime. It’s completely natural and has many healing properties. Pol sambol is an absolute stable among many households. Even the poorest households will eat pol sambol as it is such a simple dish to make. Fresh grated coconut, onions, dried whole chilies, lime juice, salt and Maldive fish pounded together. Pol sambol can be eaten with almost anything and goes with rice, string hoppers or bread.