Complete Guide To Galle Fort

Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Spend the Day in Galle, Sri Lanka

The Salty, sensuous vibes of Galle have beckoned visitors to fall in love with its unique appeal for decades. Galle is a popular destination for villa holiday makers who seek time to relax and discover the wealth of history and activities this area has to offer. A colonial city, Galle is home to generations of expats and families who have been calling the area home for centuries, while maintaining a strong community of Sri Lankan’s and traditional culture. In this guide we discover the best way to spend a day in Galle, Sri Lanka.

A Day in Galle

  • Stroll along the Dutch Fort
  • Explore the inner Fort
  • Go to the beach

Start the day with a stroll and breakfast

Before the sun shines in all its might and make it too hot for a walk, take a stroll along the ramparts of the Dutch Fort. You will be greeted with shimmers of blue and green tinged with creamy foam from the sea. The Dutch Fort itself is worth exploring. Restaurants around the Dutch Fort serve both international and Sri Lankan dishes and there’s plenty to choose from. After breakfast, you can explore the inner fort where paved, narrow streets lead to many interesting places places to shop and discover the local history.

Explore Galle Fort

Inner fort area is somewhat cooler. You can visit the Dutch Reformed Church and All Saints Church to witness Dutch architecture. The cobbled streets are lined with small houses and various shops and restaurants. You could shop for antiques, jewellery, curious and local crafts as well as handloom clothing at many of these buildings. Visit the National Maritime museum which was once a warehouse to take a tour of Sri Lanka’s past. The museum displays items from Sri Lanka’s links to the old trade routes (ancient Chinese pottery for example) and even items recovered from wrecked trade vessels.

Go to the beach

The sea is an integral part of Galle and you cannot resist its call. Take a tuk-tuk down to the beach in the evening to take a dip and play amongst the waves. Drink some passion fruit mojito and tear into some fried squid as you watch the sunset in the horizon.