Sri Lanka’s Best Art Galleries

Sri Lanka’s Best Art Galleries

There is something distinctive about art galleries, be it any country you travel to. If you have an appreciation for the arts and understand the effort an artist has had to put into her or his work, you would come to appreciate the arts, absorb the messages and look for inspiration through these pieces like you have never done before. Art galleries share a glimpse of the culture and traditions of a country, and in the same way, art galleries in Sri Lanka are decorated with masterpieces that pay homage to traditions of the country, religious or not, and celebrate the fact that Sri Lankans are proud to be Sri Lankans. If you happen to visit the country and book your holiday villa in Sri Lanka, here are some of the more artistically elaborate galleries you must visit. 

Paradise Road Gallery

The Paradise Road Gallery has experienced its fair share of history and is regarded as one of those ‘must visit’ places in the country. The gallery is regarded to be one of the country’s most important art establishments celebrating the art of local talent through its various displays. In addition to displaying art, the gallery is also known to be one of the best café’s. You could look at art and have a bite at the same time!

Sapumal Foundation

Founded by one of Sri Lankas most prominent artistic figures, the gallery tells us a story of the evolution of Sri Lankan arts over the years. The gallery is built upon the living space of the Late Harry Pieris which has remained an unaltered time capsule with a glimpse of the past. The gallery displays over 200 pieces of art from around 1920 to the 2000’s and is a gallery you must visit if you have a chance to. 

While there are galleries around the country that are installed with a character of artistic modernism, it is important to look through history and the beginnings of how it all emerged.

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