The Art of Sri Lankan Architecture

The Art of Sri Lankan Architecture

Through its time of being occupied by the Dutch and the British, Sri Lankan architecture has been inspired profoundly by the influences of the respective countries and can still be visible through city streets. While some of these are simply constructions of singular buildings, some of these historic structures are built into entire streets making all the more special to stroll through the streets. Visiting a country with such lushness and diversity is something to prepare for. It is never a bad idea to do some reading before you travel to Sri Lanka or before you book your holiday villa in Sri Lanka

Dutch Inspired Architecture

Architecture inspired by the Dutch can be viewed throughout the country if you know what to look for. Structures like the Dutch Hospital in Colombo and the Galle Dutch Fort are some of the more well-known construction of the Dutch during their rule over the country. The Amangalla Hotel is another beautiful building erected by them, built during the 1600’s and still standing today. If you enjoy versatility of architecture, Sri Lanka is the place to be. 

The Streets of Kandy

It has been famously said that a particular street of Kandy, a city located at the heart of Sri Lanka, is extremely similar to a street in the United Kingdom, providing a sensation of being in the UK and not Sri Lanka. You may not seem to believe the fact, but it is true. Kandyan architecture is significantly influenced by British elegance and expressed through the many buildings established by them. Numerous government buildings were built by the British and are occupied till this day. 

Architecture and the art of creating huge constructs of metal and concrete is a talent not possessed by everybody. In the same way, these constructions are built to look to the past and realise the significance and the effort it would have taken to build such brilliant structures.

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