Sri Lanka’s Most Prominent Artists

Sri Lanka’s Most Prominent Artists

The artists of a country and their composition encompass the culture and the tradition of a country. Just as artists like Leonardo da Vinci defined the Italian era of Italian Renaissance and Pablo Picasso defined Spanish elements into his creations that speak for themselves till date, Sri Lankan artists capture and express the cultures and intricacies of the country and its traditions. Every artist has her or his unique portrayals of the experiences through history and through their own life experience. Travelling to a country like Sri Lanka where most of its artistic talents are not entirely well-known, it might be worthwhile to read through the internet before you book your holiday villa in Sri Lanka to immerse yourself into the art culture of the country. 

George Keyt

One of the more popular names in the Sri Lankan art community, George Keyt was a pioneer in the arts, inspired by the religious and traditional culture of the country. The conceptions of George Keyt coalesce the ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism to create original pieces of cultural significance, being displayed in religious sites around the country. George Keyt is also the founder of the Kala Pola art festival that invites artists all around the island to showcase their art. 

Ivan Peries

Ivan Peries has also lived through history as a prominent art figure whose name is well known in the hearts of every Sri Lankan. His masterpieces are being displayed in several art galleries throughout the country, inspired by the oceans and pristine landscapes of Sri Lanka. 

Priyantha Udagedara

Having studied the arts throughout his life, Priyantha Udagedara is an emerging talent with a concern for the social struggles of the country that are usually not spoken of. His use of vibrant colours and carefully crafted details of pieces makes this an artist to keep a keen eye on. 

The number of promising artists are quickly gaining exposure through various art festivals and social media platforms. It is so much easier to keep up with these artists and their endeavours than ever before.

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