Koggala Sea Turtle Farm

Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Activities in Koggala, Sri Lanka

Koggala has the longest shoreline in Sri Lanka and is arguably one of the most attractive beaches in the country. There’s endless activities in Koggala but we cover three of the most popular in this guide. 

Activities in Koggala, Sri Lanka

Go Snorkeling

To see what lies beneath the glistening blue waters of the Indian Ocean you do not need to be a snorkeling expert. Koggala, Sri Lanka is actually a great place to start learning to snorkel therefore you need not be a professional to explore the shallow reef and the abundant coral gardens. There are more than 70 different species of coral reefs and flora as well as 700 species of fauna seen in the ocean area surrounding the country. If you are planning to stay in a quiet hamlet then there are holiday rentals in Sri Lanka to suit your needs and budget.

Check out the Folk Museum

Surrounded by a well-maintained ecosystem with hundreds of indigenous trees and shrubs, Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum is located in the southern coastal town of Koggala, in Sri Lanka. The ancestral home of the respected Sinhalese author late Martin Wickramasinghe was transformed to a folk museum complex by his trust fund. This partially renovated simple house, which is thought to be nearly two hundred years old, is constructed with classic Dutch architecture seen in southern houses of the time. The house and its surroundings clearly depict the inspiration to some of Wickramasinghe’s writings.

Visit The Koggala, Sea Turtle Hatchery

Located within a short drive from Sea Heart House is the turtle hatchery in Koggala Beach. A truly a unique experience for tourists and locals alike. Although not well known, Sri Lanka is one of the top breeding spots for endangered sea turtles and Koggala beach serves as one of the homes for breeding these beautiful sea creatures. Visitors to the hatchery are educated on the importance of protecting turtle life and given an insight to the facilities and the care arranged to the newborn turtles.

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Distance From Sea Heart House to Koggala Beach: 20-30 min by car/tuktuk