How to see Galle – villas in Sri Lanka

Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Must visit sights activities in Galle

Galle is one of Sri Lanka’s most appealing destinations for holiday makers from all over the world as well as Sri Lankan locals. The city boasts fantastic attractions and is home to the UNESCO world heritage site, Galle Fort. On your Galle Villa Holiday, you’ll be pressed to find time to see all the sites so we’ve selected a few of our must visit sights activities in Galle for you.

Must visit sights activities in Galle, Sri Lanka

  • Where to go in Galle
  • How to get there
  • What to eat
  • How to get there

You could take a train to Galle and enjoy the scenery along the way. A train ride would take about three hours. If you want to get there faster, hire a car and take the express way. You should be able to reach Galle within an hour if you are traveling from Colombo. Buses which take the old Galle route are cheaper but the journey may take a little while longer. Galle is home to some of the best villas in Sri Lanka and it may be worth your while to book one.

Where to go

Visit the Galle Fort where you can enjoy breathtaking views, colonial architecture and shopping at boutique stores for enchanting items. The Hiyare forest reserve is rich in birds, butterflies, dragonflies and small animals as well as plenty of rain forest greenery. The reserve is located just 16 kilometers away from the city. If you love myths and legends, a hike up the Rumassala hill will offer you plenty of picture perfect moments. The view from the top is one of the best in the area and the forest itself is full of medicinal plants some of which are mentioned in the epic saga ‘Ramayanaya’. If you travel further inland, you can visit the Kanneliya forest. The forest is full of natural pools and brooks as well as rare endemic wildlife.

What to eat

Galle offers both ritzy restaurants as well as authentic way side food stalls to visitors. You can enjoy international cuisine including Italian, Indian and Thai at restaurants around Galle Fort. But Sri Lankan dishes understandably top it all. Try egg hoppers with the local ‘sambol’ and authentic southern (Sri Lankan) rice and curry dishes to truly savour the essence of Galle.