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Exploring Koggala Lake

The south coast of Sri Lanka is an oasis of golden sands framed by the Indian Ocean. Koggala is a sleepy village on this stretch, home to the verdant Koggala Lake. Read on to discover what awaits the adventurer setting off across the glistening waters of this verdant oasis.

Getting There

Make use of the local air-taxi service operated by Cinnamon Air and exchange the crawl along traffic congested streets for bird’s eye views of the tropical paradise. Flights take you direct, to land on the lake – awesome!

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The Lake

The freshwater lake is dotted with a number of small islets home to ancient cinnamon plantations and vintage temples; check out Madol Duwa.  It’s shores are covered in rich foliage, home to exotic wildlife. Travel in Koggala should include a sojourn across the expansive surface of the lake in order to understand the rich bio-diversity and heritage that is part of this ancient body of water.

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Book a Boat Safari

A boat safari across the lake will be your best experience, if not booked through your hotel ask your travel agent for recommended tour operators only.

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Bio-Diversity of Koggala

Take along the cameras and binoculars, for underneath sunny skies the lake is home to 97 varieties of fauna, including 51 species of birds, 18 types of butterfly, 3 mammals species, 6 types of reptiles and 3 amphibians. Of course, spotting all this on one tour is not to be expected.

A Birders Paradise

Koggala Lake is home to the great hornbill; listen for loud pitchy calls and strain your sights at the trees these beauties are well worth spotting. Feeding on berries and insects the brown-headed barbet flies in pairs while the blue-tailed bee-eater can be spotted diving into the cool waters. Hey, a splash could also mean a water monitor skulking along the shores!

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Stop at Cinnamon Island

Experience the process of extracting the fragrant spice from the bark of the trees and even buy a bottle of the aromatic oil. Go there with a guide to avoid being roped into making any unnecessary purchases.
Add to this the sheer bliss of gliding across the still waters on a warm balmy day, and your days in paradise are well justified.

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