Restaurants in Koggala

Restaurants in Koggala

The lesser known southern coastal town of Koggala in Sri Lanka is quickly growing into a popular tourist destination. The stretch of beach that you find here is peaceful and is the longest strip in the island. With its beautiful reef breaks and gentle scenery, attracts tourists from all parts of the globe. Owing to its popularity a number of eateries and restaurants have set up along this region. Our short guide below gives you a glimpse of some of the best eateries the town has to offer.

Cafe Ceylon

Address: Matara Road Kabalana, Ahangama, Sri Lanka
Café Ceylon is essentially a boutique villa with a separate restaurant open to non- resident guests. The Cafe is situated at Kabalana in Koggala. The seafood menu at the restaurant is a favourite among surfers as the establishment is quite uniquely positioned at the very heart of the country’s best surfing area. With the beach at its doorstep, it´s only the freshest and best seafood that is served up at the Cafe. Offering a mix of Sri Lankan dishes with a twist to Asian and Mediterranean flavours the menu is diverse and definitely goes beyond just serving curry. What’s more, the greens on your plate are partly grown on the property or sourced from organic suppliers.

Surf and Turf

Address: Matara Road, Koggala, Sri Lanka
A newcomer to the Koggala dining scene the Surf and Turf with its rustic interior, artsy decor and open concept layout has quickly blossomed into a local favourite. As you might have guessed, seafood figures in a big way on the menu which is quite versatile and manages to blend in flavours that range from Thai, Chinese, Western and of course hints of Sri Lankan curry. However, the staff is friendly and willing to accommodate most requests, including ones to turn down the heat if spice is not your thing. We recommend kicking off your gastronomic journey at Surf and Turf with a Banana Coconut or a Mint Mango smoothie.

Salty Snapper

Address: The Fortress Resort and Spa, Koggala, Habaraduwa 80630
The Salty Snapper restaurant in Galle is actually located within the premises of the Fortress Resort and Spa. The restaurant is located in the picturesque setting of the resort’s lush gardens and offers options for all-day dining. Dinning at the Snapper offers a unique experience to taste some amazing flavours including the famed coconut sambol ice cream known as the ‘pol sambol’ ice cream.

Catalina Grill

Address: AH 43, Koggala
When driving down to the Catalina Grill, perhaps one remarkable landmark that will almost instantly catch your eye is the beautiful Catalina Aircraft that stands outside the restaurant. The eatery was set up as part of the Sri Lanka Air Force’s Koggala unit in 2013. The restaurant is open to the public which serves up Sri Lankan cuisine. Don’t forget to capture some shots of the aircraft before you leave and feel free to take a peep inside this bygone beauty.

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