Enjoy an Exotic Day Out in Mirissa

Enjoy an Exotic a Day Out in Mirissa

Mirissa has picked up the pace to become one of Sri Lanka’s hottest beach resorts. We think it’s the gorgeous bay of turquoise water, framed by a golden sandy beach and swaying palms. Why don’t you read on and decide.

What’s the Buzz in Mirissa

Well for starters the haven rests on the popular south-coast; a sandy stretch associated with loads of beachy fun, water sports and a thriving nightlife. Mirissa was a sleepy village just a few years back, and while it is a tourist hub today, the place has managed to retain its laid back vibes. The gorgeous bay is a stunning sight the waters are perfect for swimming or surfing while the beach is ideal to spend a lazy day parked under the shade of a coconut palm.

more info: wikipedia.org/Mirissa

Accommodation in Mirissa

There is talk about resorts coming up in Mirissa, but before you go rolling your eye’s we must tell you accommodation options in Mirissa are very carefully planned out. Some of the best villas in Sri Lanka are located there, boasting tranquil surroundings and easy access to the sandy shores. Care is taken to not make Mirissa a commercialised zone, thus retaining its allure as a laid back destination.

Hanging Out in Mirissa

Along the stretch of road passing through Mirissa are simple restaurants promising one views of the sea and loads of tasty grub. Do try the savoury and sweet varieties of roti, a food invented for tourists by the locals.

more info: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant Dewmini Roti Shop Mirissa

Best Time to Plan a Visit

All you beach bums heading out to Mirissa, avoid the monsoon seasons, while it rarely rains all day in the tropics, going there in the dry season is more conducive to outdoor fun. November to April is the best season to visit offering safe sea swimming.

Activities in Mirissa

  • Whale watching is top; a must do activity, choose a responsible tour operator
  • Surfing is perfect for both beginners and experts. Point Break on the west side of the beach is ideal for beginners home to surf schools, while close to Girigala Rock are waves for intermediate surfers. more info: www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction Surf School Mirissa
  • Fishing and sailing too are activities one can enjoy in Mirissa. The rest is for you to discover.

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