Koggala Lake Boat Trips

Galle Villa Holiday Guide: Koggala Lake Boat Trips

Koggala is arguably becoming a sought after holiday destination by those who love quiet sojourns by a lake. Sea Heart House is a luxury holiday home in Koggala that overlooks the stunning lake. For our guests, Koggala Lake boat trips are a popular activity as you get to see a host of wildlife and depending on the route, you can also see Sea Heart House from the lake up. Here’s a few reasons why you should book a Koggala Lake boat trip on your Galle Villa holiday. 

Koggala Lake Boat Trips

Seek Peace

Travellers who seek to escape city life and overstimulation will definitely fall in love with a serene boat ride across Koggala Lake. This little paradise in the south of Sri Lanka is scattered with islands enveloped in mangroves and a cinnamon plantation. Typically a boat ride would take a couple of hours. The hum of the boat and occasional bird calls will accompany you across the lake and you will meet fishermen going about their day’s work in peace. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a crocodile sunning on a rock.

In Preparation

You can pick the morning tour (9 am) or the afternoon tour (3 pm) depending on your schedule and preference. It is advisable to pick a tour that accommodates no more than 6 people if you are after a peaceful safari. The organizers should provide life jackets. Take your own refillable water bottle to avoid contributing to plastic landfill.

The Tour

Your guide will take you to a few small islands along the river before heading to Temple Island. Temple Island is home to an old temple in the middle of a wilderness. It is well-known for meditation programmes ad wall paintings.

Your next stop probably will be the Cinnamon Island where they show travellers the process of peeling cinnamon sticks and how cinnamon bark and powder are made.

Some tour operators include a visit to the Martin Wickramasinghe folk museum after the boat safari, an apt ending to a serene journey across the lake. The museum pays tribute to local culture and arts and crafts.