Exotic Allures of Koggala and Madol Duwa

Exotic Allures of Koggala and Madol Duwa

Koggala is a rustic village in the Galle district; the place is popular for the lake and Madol Duwa an island made famous by the literary works of famed Sri Lankan author Martin Wickremasinghe. Go there for wildlife, culture and gorgeous surroundings, as explained below.

Koggala the Sleepy Village

Located on the popular south coast of Sri Lanka, the village has many allures. You can explore the Martin Wickremasinghe Museum, located within the ancestral home the late author was born in. Koggala Lake is home to 5 islands and is a bio-diverse haven while the village is ideal for understanding local culture and lifestyles of the simple villagers.

Martin Wickremasinghe Museum

Make your travel in Koggala a journey back in time with a visit to this museum. On display are vintage cooking utensils, bullock-drawn carts used as transport in olden days and a vast library of the award-winning author’s books. 

for more info: tripadvisor.com/ Attraction Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

Madol Duwa

Duwa in Sinhalese translates to ‘island’ which was made immortal by the book Madol Duwa written by Martin Wickremasinghe.The story revolves around a group of friends who find the isolated island an escape from their mundane lives, the place is also home to an escaped convict, further enhancing the adventure; the novel was made into an acclaimed movie in 1976 and receive international screenings and reviews. You can book a tour to explore the island as well as the surrounding few. 

for more info: wikipedia.org/Madol_Doova

Koggala Lake

The bio-diversity of the lake is stunning. The place is a birders paradise so take along the cameras and binoculars. The islands are quite the experience promising on a chance to savor culture and tradition as well as the process the spice making. Spice Island, Temple Island, Bird Island and Cinnamon Island are all self-explanatory and pretty cool to explore.

Apart for the tourist hot spots, the lake is a serene body of water, dotted with mangrove forests which at some points form tunnels through which your boat glides.

for more info: wikipedia.org/Koggala Lagoon

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