Explore Galle Fort

Explore Galle Fort

Galle Fort somewhat bears the ambiance of an ancient town frequented by lone explorers. But in fact, it is rather sophisticated with plenty of high-end restaurants, boutique shops and even some of the best villas in Sri Lanka, calling the city home.

Sithuvili Gallery

The Sithuvili Gallery displays an extensive mix of Sri Lankan arts and crafts. If you are looking for something to take home once you wrap up your holiday, go to this gallery situated near the old Galle Dutch Fort. The famous Fort incidentally is home to some of the best villas in Sri Lanka for travelers. You can find beautiful figureheads, wooden chest with intricate carvings, original paintings, masks, hand painted candles and much more at the Sithuvili Gallery. The owner provides shipping facilities too if you wish to purchase something of considerable size.
for more info: facebook.com/sithuviligallery


The boutique hotel and restaurant combines design concepts of Dutch and Sri Lankan styles in a silent tribute to the city of Galle. The open courtyards of the restaurant invite guests to linger over their meals and savour the goodness of the locally sourced and elegantly presented dishes. You can choose a suitable wine or a cocktail to go with your food from their extensive beverage list. The restaurant turns into an ethereal spot in the evening once the fairy lights illuminate the tropical foliage and you start to smell the fragrant fresh herbs in pots along the courtyard. Fortaleza provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

for more info: www.fortaleza.lk

The Fort Printers

The 18th-century mansion turned boutique hotel beckons guests to step into a bygone era with its open courtyards lined with frangipani trees. Fort Printers offer guests a choice between five suites and two villas. You don’t necessarily have to stay at the hotel to enjoy its appeal. The hotel’s restaurant offers a delectable range of traditional and modern dishes made from fresh produce sourced from the area. Seafood, of course, is a highlight.
for more info: www.thefortprinters.com

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