Kanneliya Rainforest

Incredibly Diverse, Complex and Fascinating… Kanneliya

One of the most amazing facts about the island of Sri Lanka is its natural diversity. Tourists can go from beaches to tropical rainforests in minutes. Especially if you are looking for things to do in Koggala or close to its proximity, then head to the Kanneliya rainforest. This complex and extremely fascinating forest is perhaps the best kept secret among those who rent out villas on Koggala Lake. If you are curious about visiting Kanneliya then read on for more information.

KDN and its Location

Kanneliya is one among three major rainforests in Galle. The other two are Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya. The reserve encompasses all three and is often referred to as KDN. Kanneliya per se is located northwest of Galle and if you are looking for things to do in Koggala, the rainforest is a little over an hour away. The Kanneliya forest reserve is also a major catchment area for the Nilwala Ganga and the Gin Ganga- two major rivers in the country. Home to endemic plants and animals, a visit to this forest reserve while on holiday at Villas On Koggala Lake, is an absolute must.

Diversity in Kanneliya

In 2004, Kanneliya was designated as a biosphere reserve and to date offers a home to more than 200 species of fauna. This is in addition to 36 species of snakes and more than 80 species of mammals along with various species of fish. Among the species of birds found in Kanneliya, 26 of them are endemic while a further 20 can only be viewed within the KDN forest complex. Some of these species of birds include the red-faced Malkoha, the Sri Lankan blue magpie and the orange-billed babbler.

What Visitors to Kanneliya Should Know

The local forestry department building located within the jungle itself offers a cafeteria and spaces to relax and catch your breath. The cafeteria offers local meals put together from freshly harvested produce giving travellers a chance to taste village cuisine. Kanneliya has many highlights but among them the Anagimale Falls, the giant creeper, Narangas Ella and the Nevada tree are the most popular. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit Kanneliya if you’re looking for things to do in Koggala and around that area.