Things to do in Galle

Top things to do in Galle

Things to do in Galle

Located in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka is Galle, a quintessential tourist destination offering beaches and landmark sites.  For those looking to spend time at luxury holiday homes in Koggala, you might want to make plans to head to Galle which is situated close by. Galle offers beaches, historical landscapes and much more. To learn about things to do in Galle which is in close proximity to Koggala, read our guide for suggestions below. 

Walking and Sightseeing

Galle has warm, sunny weather, which is ideal for walking. Take a relaxing stroll and do some sightseeing. Once colonised by the Dutch, the city has remnants of their handiwork. Attractions include the lighthouse, old town and the fort. Amble along streets paved with cobblestones, lined with antique and other shops, and colonial houses with wooden architecture. Stop at a cozy cafe or step into an old church. 

Hiking, Taking in Nature

Try a hike up Rumassala Rock. This picturesque hill is rich in biodiversity with endemic species of fauna and flora. At the top, the view of the surrounding coastline will take your breath away. Further inland is the Kanneliya Rain Forest, a biodiversity hotspot. Experience the thick forest teeming with waterfalls, caves, and endemic birds. If you fancy a dip, there are several streams close by and can be accessed easily for those renting luxury holiday homes in Koggala. 

Relax on The Beach, Try Wind and Kite Surfing

With a tropical climate, and idyllic beaches, Galle offers several good surfing spots. Whether its surfing or kite surfing water sports are always on the top of the list of things to do in Galle. The southern city offers just the right kind of tourist-welcoming atmosphere, offering some of the best beaches. There are the popular (crowded) beaches, as well as secluded gems. The composition varies from fine sand, to rocky outcrops and cliffs so take your pick. 

Water Sports, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

If are the adventurous kind, try the many water sports on offer. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving, or jet ski rides. Another tourist friendly beach around Galle is Unawatuna beach which offers some fabulous conditions for surfing.

Bike and Cycling Tour

Galle offers many off-the-beaten-track type of streets and routes. It’s got rural backwaters where you can cycle past paddy fields. Stop to take in the unique composition of Galle and experience the beauty of Sri Lanka’s Southern countryside.