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Koggala Cycle Tours

Blessed with stunning beaches and greenery, Sri Lanka’s south is a wonderous destination to explore. Suburbs such as Koggala are great places to discover the beauties of the region over the course of a few weeks or so on your villa holiday. You can spend leisurely days on the coast, explore Koggala lake, eat sumptuous local food and go on a cycle tour to get to know the region intimately. Padi field cycle trails are growing in popularity with local and international tourists who visit the region as you have time to explore the local villages and peaceful inland backroads which are typically hard find to find in Sri Lanka. In this article, we cover a few suggestions of companies offering cycle tours near Koggala.

There are few common cycle trails that most tour operators offer in the area. Go on a Paddy trail to cover the length and breadth of paddy fields, alternated by shaded streets and rural homes to witness the local way of life. If you are fit enough, choose an extended tour of the beach, paddy land the Koggla Lake. Some trails allow cyclists to pedal their way from the beach, skirting paddy fields, tea trails and wooded areas to reach the beautiful Koggala Lake. Depending on your ability and enthusiasm, you can choose a day tour or a complete cycling adventure spanning a few days. Chameera Cycling, Idle Tours and Cycling Sri Lanka offer decent guides and facilities to travellers who wish to join one of these tours.

Timing and Preparation

You could opt for an early morning cycle tour or a late afternoon one to avoid the heat. Your cycle tour operator will provide a mountain bike, a safety helmet and water for the day. If you’ve chosen an extended tour, you’ll get to experience local hospitality at private houses. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and apply liberal amounts of sunscreen to prevent UV rays from harming your skin. King coconuts are a sweet and refreshing alternative to water on any strenuous cycling tour.