Best Surf Beaches Near Koggala

Best Surf Beaches Near Koggala

Planning a surf holiday in Koggala? South of Sri Lanka cannot exactly promise perfect barrels daily but surfers can enjoy the comfort of warm tropical waters and the opportunity to escape maddening crowds of fellow surfers. Hence, it will be worth your while to look for villas in Sri Lanka with private pool facilities in localities such as Koggala for a surf holiday. Given its close proximity to several surf beaches, any list of things to do in Koggala, Sri Lanka will include surfing. Here is a list of some of the best surf beaches near Koggala.

Surf Beaches Near Koggala

Weligama Beach Break

Weligama beach is suited for beginners to learn the techniques of surfing. The beach itself is a long stretch of sand that hugs the bay. The bay is protected from the wind and surfers can find low power waves to train. Waves rise up to 5 feet high in Weligama and there are many lefts and rights that occur depending on the tide. This beautiful beach is the perfect spot to begin your soul connection with the sea and its waves.

Midigama Surf Break – Lazy Lefts and Lazy Rights

Located in Midigama, ‘lazy lefts’ happens to be a mild left hand wave that holds to approximately 5 or 6 feet. Surfers can enjoy long rides up to 600 meters on the spot. Lazy lefts is ideal for intermediate surfers. The waves rise on a deep reef. As opposed to most other breaks, lazy lefts works best when the tide is low. Lazy rights is just a paddle away from lazy lefts. If you are planning on catching waves at lazy lefts and lazy rights, pack lightly.

Kabalana Surf Break

Located in Ahangama, Kabalana can handle a bit of a swell. Short boarders seem to prefer this location. Known as the best A-frames in Sri Lanka, Kabalana offers long barrels on either side. In the peak season (January – February), the waves tend to hold to 8 feet, beckoning intermediate and advanced surfers. Beware of rip currents if you are a beginner as they can whisk you out to sea.