Koggala Sea Turtle Farm

Koggala Sea Turtle Farm And Hatchery

Koggala is rapidly becoming a luxury holiday destination and the list of things to do in Koggala, Sri Lanka is ever growing. Popular day trips in the area include cruises along the serene Koggala Lake, leisurely hours on the beach and even visits to the Koggala sea turtle hatchery and farm. In truth, nothing beats seeing turtles swim freely in their natural habitat but since they are endangered, it doesn’t hurt to visit a sanctuary. Turtle sanctuaries such as the one in Koggala are doing their part to save these mysterious sea creatures from extinction.

Koggala Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery

The staff at Koggala Sea Turtle farm and hatchery rescues injured or disabled sea turtles to care for them and buy turtle eggs from poachers to save the hatchlings. Visitors to the farm can take part in releasing baby turtles into the sea. Injured turtles find a permanent home at the farm as they are unlikely to survive in the wild depths of the sea. While their intentions seem to be genuine, certain practices such as letting visitors touch the turtles can be a little off-putting. On the plus side, the staff seems to be knowledgeable about turtles and you can learn a lot about this gentle species at the farm.

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Turtles of Sri Lanka

Olive Ridley Turtle – The smallest turtle species in the world, Olive Ridley Turtles frequent shores of Sri Lanka from September to November to lay eggs.

Leatherback Turtle – Leatherback Turtles are endangered and sadly so since it happens because they mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. You can find leatherbacks near the shores of Kosgoda in Sri Lanka during their breeding season.

Hawksbill Turtle – Hawksbill Turtles are beautiful with colorful shells and pointed beaks. Their shells are delicately proportioned into 13 parts.

Green Turtle – Green Turtles derive their name from the greenish fat found under their upper shells. Turtle soup which used to be a delicacy was made out of Green turtles. Fortunately, this practice has been discontinued.

Loggerhead Turtle – Loggerheads are known for their massive heads and muscular jaws as well as their strikingly brown shells.