Natural Attractions In And Around Koggala

Natural Attractions In And Around Koggala

The sleepy coastal town of Koggala along Sri Lanka´s southern coast in the Galle district is home to the island´s longest stretch of beach. The interesting fact about Koggala is that one side of the beach is built up by a reef and the other side faces the Koggala Lake. Koggala is also in close proximity to another popular town called Unawatuna. It also makes for the perfect base from which to explore the area in and around it. Our short guide below will elaborate on some of the natural wonders and highlights in close proximity that should not be missed on your visit here.

Kottawa Reserve

One of the lesser known forest reserves is the Kottawa reserve, situated towards the northeast coast in Galle. The reserve can be accessed by travelling along the main road towards the town of Udugama. As the reserve is relatively undiscovered, there is an aura of self discovery and newness that still hangs over its foliage. The reserve isn’t very large and spans between 14 and 15 acres which means that exploring it won´t leave one exhausted but rather rejuvenated. The reserve with its dense covering of trees is home to close to over a 100 species of flora and fauna that are endemic to the reserve.

Hiyare Rainforest and Reservoir

Another true gem of nature is the gorgeous Hiyare rainforest and reservoir which is just a few minutes drive from Koggala.  The reserve also operates as an animal rehabilitation centre and is immaculately preserved and is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Once the animals are well enough they are released back into the wild. However in some cases a few species unable to adapt end up as permanent residents. It’s a pleasant atmosphere and you will be pleased you came.

Dondra Lighthouse

Situated on the southernmost tip of the island in Dondra, the Dondra Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the island. It is also one of the tallest in south east Asia as well. Maintained by the local Ports Authority the lighthouse boasts, seven floors and the view from the top will take your breath away for certain. Designed by British national Sir James Douglass, it is said the bricks for its construction were brought over from the UK. The lighthouse is literally one of the most identifiable symbols in the area and is steeped in colonial charm.

Why You Should Make It Down to the Dikwella, Blow Hole

A visit to the blow hole is nothing short of exhilarating. Having made your hike up a rugged terrain the rush of waves through a narrow opening in a rock allows for water to gush forth and spray upwards. During the season of the monsoon the blow hole is in full operation while you can appreciate this natural wonder of nature at other times as well. However, its best viewed during the monsoon season

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