Koggala – The Sleepy South

Koggala – The Sleepy South

A Guide to Exploring Koggala

The laidback village of Koggala is located within the Galle district, on the south coast of sunny Sri Lanka. Read on for inspiration on what to do, what to see and what to expect in this sleepy hollow.

Let Loose and Chill on the Beach

Koggala beach is where you go to get away from it all. The quintessential sandy bank lapped at by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean where you flop down, doze off and work on your tan – we got it all figured out. It’s not all lazy days though, surfers will find some pretty neat left and right handers which we think are best taken on by advanced surfers, no annoying novices getting in your way there!

for more info: surfteamsrilanka.com/koggala-surf-location

Share the Beach with Some Turtles

Travel in Koggala is pretty awesome and it’s all in the little details, such as the sea turtles you may end up swimming next to – awesome right! You can visit the Turtle Conservatory for more up-close and personal encounters of the creatures in all shapes and sizes.

for more info: tripadvisor.com/Koggala-Koggala

Glide Across the Lake

A bio-diverse haven of lush environs, Koggala Lake is home to an exotic collection of flora and fauna. Birders you won’t be disappointed! The lake is dotted with little islets, you can stop at Cinnamon Island for an insight to how the fragrant spice is made while the Buddhist hermitages spread across a few of the islands are serene sanctuaries to explore.

for more info: lonelyplanet.com/koggala-lake-safari

Enjoy the Folk Art Museum

Koggala is the home of Sri Lanka’s beloved author, the late Martin Wickremasinghe (1890-1979). The museum is housed within his ancestral home and comprises of many exhibits exploring traditional dance, costumes, masks and puppets. Stop at the bookshop and explore the lauded collection of literary works the author was acknowledged for across the world. You can even check out Madol Duwa visitruhuna/Koggala_Madol_20Duwa on Koggala Lake, backdrop for one of his greatest novels.

for more info:   tripadvisor.com/Martin_Wickramasinghe_Folk_Museum

There is more of course to your exploits of Koggala, such as exploring the lush Handungoda Tea Estate and tucking into fresh seafood at the little restaurants located close to your lodging. Enjoy!

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