Things To Know When Visiting Koggala

Things To Know When Visiting Koggala

With its amazing stretch of beach, Koggala is a hamlet brimming with natural treasures. With its lagoon on the east, and its diverse fauna and flora, it’s no wonder that travellers are making the journey to this part of the island. If you are considering spending your holiday in Koggala then read on for our guide on some tips to keep in mind to help plan out your stay.

Getting to Koggala

Once you arrive at the airport make sure you head out of Colombo and get onto the E01 route which will take you to Koggala in about two and a half hours. This little fishing village still operates using traditional fishing methods that have been passed down through the ages. Once you enter Koggala you may catch sight of fishermen pulling in nets or depending on where you travel to you may catch a glimpse of the famous stilt fishermen.

Braving the Waves in Koggala

The strip of beach in Koggala is the longest strip in the island. The beach is also popular for its breakers as one side of the beach is tapered with a reef. The beach in Koggala is often overlooked as a hardcore surf spot. However, the breakers can get quite aggressive and may not be the best surf for beginners. However, it still offers good opportunities to go snorkeling and enjoy the solitude of this stretch.

Koggala Lagoon’s Treasures

The Koggala lagoon is teeming with a diverse variety of species be it fauna or flora. There are quite a few little islets that have been overtaken by mangroves as well as a few cinnamon plantations on these islets. The country is one of the few that preserves the eco systems of the mangroves that in turn offers protection to these islets. If you are in the mood for a bit of exploring make sure to take a boat ride around the lake and the lagoon area.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Koggala would be from January to March when the humidity levels are a bit more comfortable for traveling. While the weather is tropical throughout the year, the heat can be scorching especially if you are arriving from colder climes.

Things to Keep on Hand

Its always easier to have smaller denomination notes in your wallet as most places will not accept credit cards, except for restaurants and hotels. Also when travelling by tuk it’s always handy to have cash on hand. For small distances traveling by tuk is cheaper as a pose to hiring a vehicle. Pack linen or cotton clothing that is light in texture and colour. Sri Lanka is conservative in nature so even when you do happen to sun bath, especially for ladies make sure to have a wrap around skirt or shawl with you.

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