Seeing Galle – Villas in Sri Lanka

Seeing Galle – Villas in Sri Lanka

Explore Galle

  • Hike across Rumassala forest
  • Explore Galle Fort on foot
  • Go to the Unwatuna beach

Those who visit Galle invariably fall in love with its charm. Not only is Galle a perfect holiday destination where you can easily find some of the most comfortable luxury villas in Sri Lanka but it is also a place of diverse beauty.

Rumassala Forest

If you are on the lookout for luxury villas in Sri Lanka with a view, look for places near the Rumassala forest. The view will most probably include a stretch of the ocean and a green hill. Rumasala was once called the ‘Buono Vista’ which in Spanish means pleasant view. The forest is rich in bio diversity and it is said to hide legendary and actual medicinal plants. You can go on a hike across the hill towards Galle Bay.

Galle Fort

Built originally by the Portuguese and later refurbished by the Dutch, the Galle Fort is the epicenter of breathtaking views and spirit of freedom characterized by many out of the ordinary boutique shops, restaurants, curio shops and galleries. The cobblestoned paths and the tiled roofs of the fort area beckon visitors to explore the charm on foot. You can admire old churches of Dutch heritage, mosques and restored mansions. Don’t forget to visit a quirky boutique or two owned by artists and dine at unique restaurants serving inspired cuisine.

Unawatuna Beach

The expansive beach of Unawatuna is a wonderful place to spend an entire day or even just a few hours. Make sure you get there early to grab a good spot to sunbathe. Go for a swim in the relatively calm waters and dine at nearby restaurants on fresh seafood and cocktails. In the evening, you can join a beach party to drink, dance and simply have a good time.

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