Mastering Yoga On Your Villa Holiday In Koggala

Tips For Mastering Yoga On Your Villa Holiday In Koggala

How to prepare for your first yoga lesson

A holiday in south of Sri Lanka is perhaps the ideal time to learn those yoga poses you’ve been meaning to practice. Sea Heart House on Koggala Lake has a number of places to practice yoga and wherever you choose, you’ll have stunning views of the lake. Pitch up in our Abalama 360 views or set yourself up by our luxury pool. In this article, we cover a few key facts to practicing yoga on your Sri Lankan holiday.

Sea Heart House Abalama
Practice Yoga at any time of day in our Abalama

The Poses

Poses and the duration of these depend on the type of yoga class you take. If you join a hatha yoga class, you’ll be expected to hold each pose for a while. In vinyasa yoga, balancing poses are held for longer periods while transition poses shift more rapidly to achieve fluidity of movement. Generally, poses are held for approximately four breaths in the first round. If you don’t master every pose during your first lesson, don’t stress. Your yoga instructor should guide you on pose modification. The most important part of yoga is your awareness of your breathing. The moment you feel yourself losing awareness about your breath, back off and consider modifications.

Sea heart House luxury pool
Practice Yoga by our luxury pool

What to Wear

Choose something that allows you to stretch your limbs with ease and make sure that it is made of breathable material. You’ll sweat a lot as you try to get into those poses, so wear something that absorbs moisture. You don’t need to wear shoes for yoga.

What about Food

Some people prefer to get into their yoga routine on an empty stomach. But as yoga is a pretty intesnse workout, it is advisable to fuel your body pre-yoga. Ask the in-villa-chef at your holiday villa to make you a protein shake or munch on a protein bar. Don’t stuff yourself up with bread and avoid heavy meals before your yoga session. Eat a light snack like the protein bar half an hour before you begin the workout. The rule of thumb is that you wait at least two hours after a meal to start working out. Hydrate with a glass of water two hours before the session to feel in control during the workout.

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