Exploring Koggala – Villas in Sri Lanka

Villas Holidays Near Galle – Koggala Travel Guide

The south coast of Sri Lanka offers some of the best holiday opportunties for locals and overseas visitors. People travelling to the south coast will find villas near Galle convenient for reaching a number of tourist hot spots, while people visiting the centre of the country may choose to stay in one of the many hotels near the major attractions such as Sigiriya and the Kandy to Ella train

For those of you heading to the South Coast areas like Galle Fort are on many people’s bucket list and likewise, Mirissa is a popular area for Whale Watching but for those in the know, there’s a new area that is growing in popularity and that’s Koggala and Ahangama. Perfect located between Galle and Mirissa, this area is packed with new restaurants, bars, great surf breaks, and the stunning Koggala Lake. If you’re looking for the perfect location to base yourself while you discover South Sri Lanka, Sea Heart House is stunning villa near Galle with a private pool, gym and 4 double rooms overlooking Koggala lake. 

In this article, we discover some of the best things to do in our south Sri Lanka villa holiday guide to Koggala.

Koggala travel guide, South Sri Lanka

  • Koggala Lake
  • Handungoda tea estate
  • The Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art museum

Koggala Lake

If you’ve been searching for villas near Galle extensively, you’ll notice that very few offer lake views like Sea Heart House. Koggala Lake happens to be one of the lesser known lakes in Sri Lanka but when you see it for yourself, you’ll soon know you’ve found one of the best.

Hire a boat to explore Koggala Lake

You can hire a local boat to go on a long and peaceful boat ride across the lake. You’ll probably come across a few fishermen along the way, water monitor lizards, eagles and other birds and if you’re really lucky, you may also see crocodiles. Your boat trip on Koggala Lake is guaranteed to be serene one. If possible, we recommend heading out early in the morning as this will give you the best chance to see more wildlife. The lake is sprinkled with tiny islands and flanked by a thick mangrove growth, making it a stunning day out with plenty to explore and discover.

Visit the Handungoda Tea Estate

High on the hills of Koggala lies the Handungoda Tea Estate. Take a tour of the scenic tea plantation and learn about over 25 varieties of tea. The estate offers visitors a taste of ‘virgin white tea’, a delicate brew made from the freshest and the tiniest tea leaves.  Virgin white tea is plucked using an unusual method. Tea pluckers wear gloves and use scissors to carefully trim off the tiny, new leaves from the bushes. The estate is located approximately 6 kilometers away from the expressway.

Visit the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum

Martin Wickramasinghe was one of Sri Lanka’s greatest authors. The Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum is actually where this beloved writer was born in the year 1890. Today, this traditional southern home is a museum dedicated to the island’s culture and roots. The museum displays a number of artifacts that depict Sri Lanka’s folk culture. There is a good selection of items from traditional dance rituals including masks. You can get a pretty good understanding of the country’s agricultural past, fishing as well as crafts such as pottery and metal from the artifacts on display.