Top food choices for your luxury surf holiday in Koggala

Top Food Choices for your Luxury Surf Holiday in Koggala

Best food choices for your surf holiday in Sri Lanka

Coasts along the south of Sri Lanka provide good surf breaks and friendly weather for surf enthusiasts. As of late, the region has begun to offer more luxury amenities to travellers. If you’ve been considering renting a luxury property in Koggala for a surf holiday, the time is right. Undoubtedly, you will need to pay attention to what you eat if staying healthy is one of your holiday goals. Our food guide can help you make the right choices.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

Ask your in-villa chef to blend some tropical fruit and vegetables for your breakfast daily. Fruit and vegetables smoothies are easy to digest and your body absorbs these fast. You’ll get the energy you need to surf along with essential vitamins and minerals. Fruit such as mango and avocado are available throughout the year in Sri Lanka.

Foods with low glycaemic index

If you are planning to go for long surf sessions in the ocean, food that is low in glycaemic index can give you plenty of slow yet constant releases of energy. Add high-fibre cereal, fresh berries, whole grain bread, nuts, oatmeal and fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet to get long lasting energy for those extended surf sessions.

Lean meat and fresh fish

You can get your daily requirement of protein from lean meat and fresh fish. Fish such as mackerel are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and packed with protein. This combination is ideal to let your body recover fast and become stronger as you keep on burning calories during surf sessions. Get your chef to make some grilled chicken sandwiches (using whole grain bread) to satiate post-surf hunger pangs.

Fresh fruit and chia seeds

Fresh fruits are a good source of carbohydrates. The vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content in these super foods will help you boost energy levels. Fruit also helps your body recover faster. Athletes swear by chia seeds. Add these to your meals if you want to enjoy the benefits of constant and slow release of energy for hours.

Happy surfing!

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