How to pack for your Koggala Villa Holiday

How to pack for your Koggala Villa Holiday

Packing guide for a villa holiday in Sri Lanka

The south of Sri Lanka with its stunning beaches, lush green countryside, cultural heritage and well-established amenities beckons luxury loving visitors to linger awhile. Luxury villas have sprung up across the south umerous beautiful sites such as the Koggala Lake, beach fronts across the country and lush green hilly areas. If you’ve decided to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka, our packing guide will help you prepare for a tropical sojourn.

What to pack

The weather in Sri Lanka is warm and humid. Pack light summer clothes. You can wear shorts and tank tops for the most part except for when you visit some cultural and religious sites. Temples, mosques and even cultural heritage sites such as the Sigiriya Rock requires visitors to cover their knees and arms. Pack a knee-length skirt, a sarong and a shawl to slip on before you enter a religious site. A long-sleeved kurta top too can come in handy at such times. Pack lightly and make use of laundry services that most villas and resorts offer. Pack your favourite brand of sunscreen, a sunhat, lip balm and sunglasses. Mosquitoes are an inevitable part of tropical climates. Bring a safe brand of bug repellant along to ward off those pesky insects.


If you are travelling with kids, take some lollipops for the long plane journey. These will help regulate ears on flights. Take a few poolside books. You may not get the kind of books you like at the villa. In preparation for your journey, charge all your electronics the day before your flight. Don’t forget to take a multi-purpose charger. A voice activated language converter app will come in handy when you want to converse with locals or make requests in any of the local languages. The day before you travel, empty your wallet and take only the cards that you will need during your holiday. Some travellers prefer to carry a second credit card just in case. If you decide to do this, inform your hand about your decision.

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