Touring Koggala and Madol Duwa

Touring Koggala and Madol Duwa

A dreamy place you would want to spend long lazy days at, Koggala located in the deep south of Sri Lanka has it all; sun sand and surf together with a lake that promises loads of experiences home to an island featured in an award-winning novel. Let’s explore the best of Koggala.

The Martin Wickremasinghe Museum

Martin Wickremasinghe was one of the nation’s greatest Sinhala authors. Born in the sleepy hamlet of Koggala the writer is credited with a number of award-winning creations. The museum is based in the authors ancestral home is a treasure trove of history and tradition. On display are vintage cooking utensils and a fascinating collection of bullock carts, which were the famed mode of transport for the elite, before the motor car arrived on the island. The library there stocks a good collection of the authors literally work and is good to spend some quiet time.

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Madol Duwa

Featured in Martin Wickremasinghe’s most popular novel Madol Duwa this is one of the islands located on the Koggala Lake; duwa meaning ‘island’. The novel revolves around a group of friends and their boyish discoveries and travails. The novel was an award winner for the author and turned into a film in 1976. By the way, If you are looking for villas in Sri LankaKoggala and its laid back ambience will turn out to be the perfect place for rest and adventure.

Koggala Lake

A nature lover’s haven the Koggala Lake must be toured on a boat safari. A birders paradise the place is a verdant haven of lush foliage and exotic little critters; a boat safari will take you across the still waters, past little islets and men selling thambili (a refreshing coconut drink) on makeshift little platforms over the lake. Stop for foot therapy and dip your feet into a square of water teeming with little fish, and alight at Cinnamon Island to understand how the fragrant spice is made.

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The Turtle Hatcheries

Yes! Koggala is home to sea turtle sanctuaries housing the creatures in all stages of life. Learn all about these treasured marine animals and maybe even join a night egg collection campaign.

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